Spunky Old Broad® Coaching and Mentoring

A Mentor is described in the dictionary as a trusted counselor or guide.  I agree with this, however I also think that a mentor is someone who you look to for the wisdom you can’t find anywhere else.  I also think it’s important that you have somewhat of an empathic relationship so that you can both speak frankly and openly.

A Mentor is more than a coach, teacher or trainer.  A mentor is someone whose advice you live with on a day to day basis, even though you may only talk once a month or quarter.   And they come in many shapes and sizes.  It could be a book you read, a seminar you take, CD’s you listen to etc., but these are all things that become a part of who you are.

Some mentors are people you follow your entire career.  They can work for competitors or be within your own organization.  They can even be in different industries.  They are simply people you admire and respect who can help you in areas that aren’t your strength.  And as I said, they can even be those inanimate resources as well.

I consider myself a mentor as I have guided many people in my years of business.  However, since this is a confidential relationship, it is a very special one.  Should you decide you want me as a mentor, we would have an interview, decide whether we are suited for another and proceed from there.

This is different from my coaching program, which is both one on one and in a group.  It is also different than a mastermind where you have 6 to 8 people in a group who help one another and act as a pseudo board of directors for one another.   I have both of those programs as well.

We need a conversation to see where you fit as well as finding out if I’m a fit for you.  I take my mentoring seriously and am proud of where my “mentees” have gone and what they’ve accomplished.

Regardless of what you desire, I’m glad you’ve crossed my path by coming to my website and reading about my programs.  Finding your passion and living your dream is the best thing you will ever do and it is my goal to help you find it.

Once again, remember, a mentor is a trusted adviser and guide.