Spunky Old Broad® Products

Kick Butt Session with Dr. Gayle ($47)

Are you ready for some straight talk?

Schedule your ONE-TO-ONE with Dr. Gayle.

Not sure where to start on reinventing yourself or your business?  This 30 minute phone conversation with Dr. Gayle will help you map out a path that gives you clarity and a game plan!   Let’s talk!

Learn the 9 Secrets to Your Happiness ($297.00)

Here’s your opportunity to work on your business challenges and find solutions you can implement immediately to reinvent your business!

Be part of a small group dedicated to working on Personal and Business Reinvention!

This is a 6 week group interaction filled with strategies and insights from Dr. Gayle as well as each group member.

SOB Club Membership ($100 Annual Membership)

Become a Member of the SOB Club!

Membership Details: There is a monthly MEETING fee of $10 a month and a once-a-year annual membership fee of only $100.  This makes the club affordable for all budgets.  Why is there an annual fee? This is a national club and like any business, there are costs in operating an entity. We recruit and position a leader for each group, support the chapter with an in person visit from Dr. Gayle to launch the club, market and promote your chapter under the SOB brand, provide materials for education and group interactions and promote on social media platforms to keep ideas and attendance flourishing.

How to Be an S.O.B.—A Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt($19.95) This book reflects Gayle’s passion for women over 50 living the life they want. You get Gayle’s S.O.B. tips that are guaranteed to send your life on an upward spiral of happiness, fulfillment and new adventures. It also tells how to be assertive, stop the aging process, build lasting relationships and control your pounds and inches. This book is a true winner and one you should definitely get.

Big Ideas for Your Business ($24.95)

#7 on Amazon’s Best Business Books, “Big Ideas” was written by a group of experts (including Gayle), who comment on the things they did to build their businesses and what tips and advice they offer to help you build yours. It went to #7 because of all the great ideas that are given and the knowledge of the people involved. Great perspectives from a variety of people.

Winning Ways—How to Get To the Top and Stay There ($25.00 Hard Cover, $17.00 Soft Cover) This book was written a while ago, but it’s evergreen in its information. Basically a business book, it talks about setting goals with realistic timetables, the four personality styles, managing your time, how to negotiate to win and how you need to speak up to move up. Good sound advice that can make a difference for you in business and life.

Winning Ways—How to Get To the Top and Stay There

Energize Your Life Program ($37.00 for all 6)

There are 6 e-books that are part of this program. They can be bought individually or as a group. These publications cover Taking Control of Your Life, How to Keep From Feeling Overwhelmed, Balance and Productivity, Beating Stress, How to Achieve Rest and Relaxation, How to Make a Difference, How to Make an Impact and Develop a New You. This is a great series — and fun too.

Being Fit and Fabulous After 50 ($9.97)

This e-book really lays out a step by step plan for you to achieve health, fitness and wellness in an easy to understand process. Yes, you have to do the work, but it isn’t frightening or difficult and you will be so happy when you follow the steps. Well worth the reading.

Information Products

Let’s Get Moving DVD Set ($87.00)

This is a wonderful set of workout DVD’s that Gayle produced especially for women over 50. One is on kickboxing, one on weight training and the other uses a body bar. The one on kickboxing is not turbo kickboxing, but it will help you develop your strength, dexterity, and coordination. Every movement is planned for maximum development, but are not difficult for you to learn to do. It’s fun, burns up a lot of calories and can be done several times a week. The one on weight training is so important for your bone density. Resistance training must be done on a consistent basis or you can really have some difficulty with osteoporosis. You can use any size weight that works for you, but I recommend 5 to 8 pounds as ideal for most women. You can start with 3 pounds if you want, but build up to at least 5 as soon as possible. The Body Bar is an actual product that you can buy online at or at a local sports store. It comes in various weights and can be very effective for shoulders, back and chest. It is also effective for use in balance exercises. By getting all three you can vary your workouts and use different muscles. Each runs from 30 to 45 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule and as dynamic as you want them to be. I used actual women from my gym who are all over 50 — not perfect models or physical specimens. They are every day people who are just trying to stay healthy.

The Healthy You ($197.00) 

This is a 7 CD series on diet and nutrition where Gayle interviews experts, including someone who tells you how to shop for groceries, a nutritionist, personal trainer, a neurophysical chiropractor, and others. You get recipes, a journal, a workout bag etc. A great diversified program that will get you into the shape you’d like to be, both nutritionally and physically. 

Healthy, Wealthy & Fabulous ($997.00)

The Story Behind The Story:

The reason I am so excited about getting this program in your hands is that it has had a dramatic impact on my life.

After going through three cases of breast cancer, 16 surgeries, the loss of a husband and a son, I was left with a gap, a loss and physical pain.  I knew I had to do something to bring back the joy and energy to my being, so I started thinking about all the things I had practiced up to that point which had kept me on target and full of life.

As I began my journey, there were several things that popped up.  And I began to pay attention to the little things making a difference.

Out of that came my “9 Secrets.”  I still practice all of them to this day, and continue to live the life of my dreams, wake up every day with a smile on my face, and enjoy the future I am meant to have.  Part of that future is YOU.

I want all of those things for you too, and that’s why I created this program.  If you can’t work with me live, then take me home in this program.  It will make a difference for you as well.

Contains:  10 CD’s, an Action Guide, a book, and complete transcripts.