Spunky Old Broad® Live Speaking Presentations

Spunky Old Broad® Dr, Gayle Carson is the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and is an FIMC (a fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants).

She has presented programs in 50 countries and 49 states and is a “Legend in the Speaking Profession.”

In addition to her public speaking, she is a radio talk show host, columnist, midlife crisis coach, and media consultant.


Available for keynote speeches | workshops | breakout sessions | group and individual coaching sessions

Contact Gayle directly and share your upcoming event.  Your audience will be glad you did! 305.534.8846 | or email: [email protected]


It’s Never Too Late:  Spunky Old Broad® 9 secrets to having more fun, joy and happiness.

Do you think life has passed you by when the magic hands of time say you are 50?

Haven’t you heard? 50 is the new 30! 

There are many ways to turn this stage into the most exciting part of your existence. Your uniqueness, spirit, attitude and relationships are all called into play to fashion this wonderful new you. Dr. Gayle will show you how to supercharge your personal growth to create the balance, health, energy and financial stability you need to be a more vital you.


Spunky Old Broad® Reinvention:  How to re-invent the second half of your life.

Retired?  Downsized?  Put out to pasture?

That’s not you!  Take the whole of everything you know and slice and dice it into a fantastic new persona. Do you want to take on a project for a limited amount of time? How about CEO for a year? Volunteer at an animal shelter? A trip around the world?

Discover your dreams and possibilities with the magic 5 step process developed by Dr. Gayle Carson, the Spunky Old Broad. This is short, easy to follow advice to achieve whatever your heart desires.


Spunky Old Broad® 3 Secrets to Living Regret Free

So many people are living lives of quiet desperation.  Even very successful women are feeling the effects of stress because of elder care, being part of the sandwich generation, and thinking “Is that all there is?”


  • The right attitude and mindset
  • How to be fit and fabulous
  • Discover a plan for daily living

With that program, you’ll have a new friend enthusiasm for life, a way to feel healthy and positive about your future and a methodology for getting more done in less time.

Perfect for women’s  groups  who are looking for inspiration and a personal message


Spunky Old Broad® Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

There’s a lot of high priced strategies out there, but most small businesses can’t or won’t invest in those.  So I have come up with at least a dozen strategies that are either free or under $100.  Very effective and a proven methodology bringing in thousands of dollars of results.

This is a perfect program for any small business owner.

  • How to use 4 different cards to keep in touch
  • Using the media for promotion, publicity and P.R.
  • Why the phone is still a valuable tool
  • Why you need a report card on “you!”


Spunky Old Broad® Making Time Work For You

Time management is a tool that everyone tries to master.  As much as there is written on the subject, no one is doing the job that needs to be done.  This program will cut through the “crap” and show you easy to implement methods that will keep you on target and show you how to add 22 more days to your life every year.

  • The right way to delegate and prioritize
  • How to set up a schedule that works for you
  • Blending work, personal and community
  • Grouping like tasks
  • How to have meetings that work

This is a terrific program for any size group.  It can be adapted for any profession and implemented immediately.


Spunky Old Broad® Mastery Approach to Local Media

No matter what profession you’re in, eventually you’ll have to do an interview on radio or TV.  Sound bites are important, camera direction is essential and the right clothing makes a big impact.

  • Keys to answering provocative questions
  • How to present points in 3’s
  • Having the right statistics
  • Speaking with the right inflection
  • Where to look when on camera
  • Radio vs TV

As a talk show host of the #1 and #3 radio shows on the REN network, and a frequent TV guest expert, Gayle Carson has all the in’s and out’s for you so you put your best foot forward.

Perfect for all groups who need media information.  With a small group, she can even do “hot seats” with one or two participants.  Audiences love the involvement and benefit greatly from the interaction.